How to make lessons better so you stay excited about going to work.

Every. Single. Day.
As music teachers, we often feel like we have the best job on earth.

So it can be hard to admit when little things aren’t  working.

But those “little things” can often compromise the quality of our lessons, leaving both teacher and student bored, watching the minutes tick by.

We’ll help you enjoy teaching more by offering a way to make your lessons fun and productive every single time.

Here are some of the “little” things you’ll never have to deal with again:

“I forgot my books.”

“My mom didn’t order my book yet.”

“My books didn’t arrive yet.”

“My dog ripped my book apart.”

“My little brother colored all over my book.”

 “I’ve had the same song for 4 weeks!” (student has been on vacation for the last 3)

“I forgot to practice.”

“It’s too hard.”

Boredom = Torture. Don’t Be Bored.

When you have Wholesale Sheet Music digital books available on your computer, many of the problems above are quickly fixed by your ability to instantly print any page(s) from a book during the lesson.

Like if a student forgets his books. Or you want him to try a new song before asking his parents to buy it.

Plus, if the dog eats the homework or a student does lose a book, parents can reprint it from their PDF copy. Parents can reprint their books for family members as often as needed – for life!

Teach to the Individual

Gain increased flexibility and control over your curriculum. Our book series allows you to speed up or slow down the pace, giving you the freedom to tailor lessons like never before.

For example:

  • If a student hasn’t mastered a piece but needs fresh new material, you can move her sideways by printing out supplemental pages.
  •  If you want to move a student ahead a level, just print sample pages from the next level and let her try them out. You can experiment before asking parents to purchase a new book.
  •  Mix and match from different books and levels
  •  Combine with other methods. The books can be used as your main teaching method or as a supplement to popular methods like Alfred and John Thompson.

WSM books give you the flexibility to do your job the way you always wished you could.


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